sliding doorThere seems to be hard competition between sliding doors and bi fold doors in Liverpool. The truth is both have their advantages and disadvantages. Bi fold doors are easy to install and cheap to care for and maintain, especially if they were installed by an experienced person. They are also easy to clean and can last for a very long time without needing any expensive maintenance. Contrary to the popular belief that these doors take up too much space, they don’t. These doors can also enhance security because they can be locked on both sides and even when they are in closed or opened position.

Not everyone in Liverpool choose bi fold doors over sliding doors. Here is another truth: sliding doors come with their advantages and disadvantages. You need a large opening to install a sliding door. These doors can be heavy and can stop sliding easily if the top track gets damage or is disturbed by something. Both types of doors can be a good choice depending on your house or building design and the opening space you have.

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