double glazingDouble glazing in Wirral is a great cure for a drafty old home. One of the amazing things about the history of our country are all of the beautiful old homes. When passing by these older homes many comment on the architectural features, or the lovely stone work, but speak to the owner of one of these homes and you are sure to hear complaints about the drafts. Aside from the physical discomfort caused by a cold breeze blowing through your home, these drafts account for massive energy losses and many smart homeowners look to fix the situation for financial reasons.

This is exactly the problem Utra-seal Group loves to take care of for our clients. Just recently we spoke with a gentleman with an old home. After dealing with drafty windows for years he started to do a little research and found that the windows in his home were nearly eighty years old. After a consultation with this client in Wirral, double glazing was the recommendation. Double glazed windows use two panes of glass mounted 16 to 20 mm apart to create an insulating air pocket within the window. Considering the fact that nearly 60% of heat loss in a home comes from standard single pane windows this technology can save a bundle.

When it comes to replacing old windows, Ultra-seal offers an excellent value. New double glazed windows are generally able to lower heating costs by 10 to 12%. This allows our customers to pay for the upgrades in a very short time using the savings on their heating bills. When our customer heard this he jumped on the opportunity to take care of his problem immediately. Aside from the energy savings realized from the completed project, he was very pleased with the improved appearance of the new windows, and appreciated the increased security provided by hard to break and securely locked windows. If you suffer from excessive heat loss in your home and would like more information about double glazing in Wirral, call us today on 0151 639 0808.