Bi-Fold Doors In New BrightonUltra Seal has recently completed the installation of bi-fold doors in New Brighton. The client wanted a modern outlook for his newly renovated home and decided to hire Ultra Seal after being recommended by a previous client who had used our services in the past. Ultra Seal was given the responsibility of redoing the doors and windows and since the client has cleared the garden outside and placed a patio by the bedroom door, he has clearly stated that he wanted bi-fold doors. It should probably be noted that the client has a family with two young children aged 5 and 7 respectively.

For our client in New Brighton bi-fold doors were the obvious choice for a number of reasons. The first one was that it allowed the children to go outside and play and the bi-fold doors would allow the parents to keep an eye on the children who tend to sneak out and play. They can thus supervise their children from the house without having to step out of the bedroom. Moreover, the glass bi-fold doors create the impression of a spacious and brighter room. Since the doors open out on the small patio and garden, the room does not feel confined and stuffy. The third benefit of the doors is that they can reduce the client’s electricity bills significantly. In summer, they can just open the doors and let in natural air circulate in the house. There is no need to turn on the air conditioner. Moreover, they will also let in natural light thus helping them to conserve light. In this way, the client is being eco-friendly by saving energy!

Ultra Seal does not just install easy-to-use and elegant bi-fold doors in New Brighton but they also make sure that the doors keep you and the family safe and secured from intruders. Being the only ISO 9001:2 accredited company in the area, Ultra Seal manufactures their own products with police approved locking systems. They also have a lifetime Ultra Seal guarantee! They have three showrooms located in Wallasey, Bromborough and Burton where they have displayed their high quality products for potential clients to view. If you have any enquiries regarding their services or you need a free quote, feel free to give them a ring. They will be happy to oblige.