Double Glazed Sash Windows New BrightonWhen you’re getting home renovations done, such as the installation of double glazed sash windows New Brighton, you probably find yourself worrying about the cost of the materials, the mess the builders will make, but most of all, the amount of time the whole fitting process will take. You may have noticed that not all building and glazier companies work in the same way or to the same schedule, and while some can fit a window in a day, others seem to take weeks to do the same job. One of the problems that most people experience when they use a glazier is that they simply don’t know how long anything should take, so they stand aside and don’t ask questions, while the service provider charges for hours or even days of work.

So in New Brighton, double glazed sash windows installation shouldn’t take too long, right? This is quite accurate, and though most companies will throw a number of technical terms your way to try and justify how long their installation takes, a professional and customer-focused company can probably get a window installed within the space of a few hours. Of course, there are a few factors that increase this time estimation, such as the shape of the window, the thickness of the sill and even the location of the window. If you need to have a window double glazed and it is situation in a high up and difficult to reach place, this could affect the timeline.

So how do you ensure that when you enquire about getting your double glazed sash windows in New Brighton installed, you get a realistic timeline? Well before the work begins, try telling the installer exactly where the window is, what you need done and any other pertinent facts that could influence the amount of time the job will take. You will probably find that the really good installers all give you the same estimated time, while the others quote hours or days inconsistently and for no good reason. Your time is precious, so when you need a quote and a company to do the job right, call Ultra Seal. Our incredibly friendly and helpful team are waiting for your call, so go ahead and contact us today!