Composite Doors IrbyEvery composite door enquiry in Irby we receive here at Ultra-Seal gets our full attention. With 3 sites across Wirral, it will be easy for you to find a quality door that will suit your pocket and your personality. So what are composite doors? As an increasingly popular alternative to solid wooden doors, they offer the look and feel of a solid timber door but have a lightweight core with a wooden, PVC or metal shell over it. The core is made of high density foam which is ODP Zero (Ozone depletion protection). These doors come in a wide range of colours and appearances adding glass in various styles to provide a unique look for your home.

Irby customers with a composite door enquiry have come to the right place. You can expect quality composite doors that require no painting, sanding or varnishing and provide your home with excellent thermal and noise insulation. Our experienced craftsmen will work tirelessly to produce the highest quality product using the best materials and the most advanced production methods. If you are worried about security this is the door for you. With 65% of burglars breaking in through the front door it is important to know that your family will be safer. Ultra-Seal’s key-free electrical locks, triple glazed windows and durable composite doors will provide you with that piece of mind.

Just a 10 minute drive away from Wirral, you can even make your composite doors enquiry in Irby in person. Ultra-Seal was established in 1998, becoming the market leader in manufacturing and installation. Not only do we provide composite door installations, we also build windows and conservatories. You will find the perfect door for your home with our wide range of decorative options but there is only one problem, which colour and design do you choose. Do not let your house look like all the others in your street, express yourself! Call Ultra Seal today!