Double Glazed Windows in HeswallAre you looking for someone to install double glazed windows in Heswall? There comes a certain point in every homeowner’s life where they need to replace their windows. Whether they were blown out during a storm or they are just too aged to be functional, it happens eventually. If you are living in an older home, this can be especially true, and when you go to change your window, you may notice that things are a lot different now. For instance, you may notice that glaziers refer to your window as “single-pane” and that you should instead have “double-pane” windows. If you are like any other person, you probably don’t know what this means. Allow me to explain.

If you are considering changing out your windows, you should first understand the difference between

In Heswall, double glazed windows are the way to go. But first, what is the difference between single glazed and double glazed windows? A single glaze, or pane, is a window with a single sheet of glass. This type of window is common in older houses, and isn’t very effective for insulation or keeping out the cold or heat. Double glazed windows, however, have two sheets of glass with a pocket of air between them. This pocket operates as insulation, and it helps to retain heat or cold, while holding the other out. These are more common in newer houses, and are highly recommended by window specialists. If you are still living with single pane windows, or are simply looking to update your windows, you will definitely want to get double glazed windows. But, who should you go to have them installed?

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