double glazed sash windows in BarnstoWant to install double glazed sash windows in Barnston? Perhaps you already have sash windows in your home or office and want to reduce noise and heating costs. Some interior designers may recommend doing away with sash windows altogether, but they are what add charm and character to your building. The sash window is made of movable panels or frames called “sashes” which hold the glass panes. These panels can be moved vertically or horizontally. This style of window construction has been prevalent for more than five centuries in Europe and England and gives the building its characteristic classical look. However, they are not very easy to maintain, especially if the sashes are wooden. They also become loose and begin rattling as they age, adding to the “ghostly” feel of old houses!

In Barnston, double glazed sash windows provide a touch of modernity to a charming classic and make your home or office more comfortable and safe. It also protects your valuable property from damage and theft. Depending on the age and design of the existing sash windows, a well-established and experienced professional window company can advise you on the best way to install double glazed sash windows. You may have to get the new sashes made on the company’s premises and have them installed into the original box frames, along with providing better steel or lead weights to counter-balance the weight of the new glass. Generally, a dry glazing system is better than silicone or putty and the edge seals should be protected from direct sunlight. This will prevent internal misting of the sealed-glass unit.

Work will start on your double glazed sash windows in Barnston once the quotation is approved. Technicians from reputed firms like Ultraseal first survey your premises and existing windows, take accurate measurements. They provide an estimate based on the amount of work involved in replicating the original design and in keeping with others on your street. Thickness depends on that of the original glass. Enhanced building and security standards are maintained. Thermal and acoustic insulation are provided. Your old sash windows can easily be replaced while retaining the original look, just contact Ultrseal today for more information.