Bi-fold patio doors in UptonInstalling Ultra-Seal Bi-fold patio doors in Upton will likely be the most dramatic home improvement project you undertake. The door design minimises the framework and  hides the seals so you see outdoors through a wall of glass. Bi-folds open up the room where they are installed and brighten adjacent rooms. If you have not been attending to your landscaping you will want to get on your knees and start planting because now you can see and enjoy your garden all the time. City dwellers will have a magical panorama of the city scape. Pastoral views and the night sky will encompass your country home.

In Upton, bi-fold patio doors are a big improvement over those eight foot sliding doors. They were so heavy and only opened half the doorway. The doors themselves were so bulky and unattractive it was difficult to see past them to the outside view. Ultra-Seal PVC-U bi-fold doors offer a panoramic view with design features and colours to suit every home. They glide on a 4-rail track, not 2-rail, so opening and closing is smooth and easy. When the bi-fold doors open onto your deck, your deck becomes an extension of the room. The doors fold back flat so traffic flows freely when entertaining.

PVC-U bi-fold patio doors in Upton are beautiful and maintenance free. When installed by Ultra-Seal the doors are secure with anti-jemmy pins that are enclosed in the roller track.  Unlike the old sliders, intruders cannot lift and remove these doors from the track to gain entry into your home. The customised police -approved hardware adds beauty and security to your doors. We have beauty and function but you need energy efficient as well. Ultra-Seal  A and C energy rated windows to keep your home comfortable summer and winter. Energy efficient windows are combined with PVC-U doors manufactured with superior sealed edges. The  result is a bi-fold door that  exceeds extreme weather standards. As a bonus, you will appreciate Ultra-Seal’s 15 -year guarantee and 10-year insurance backed warranty that covers safety, weather-tightness and performance of your panoramic bi-fold door. For more information relating to bi-fold patio doors, contact Ultra-Seal.