Orangeries In New BrightonOrangeries In New Brighton were once a symbol of prestige, wealth and status and were constructed with stone and hardwood. Fortunately today, although still a luxurious extension to your home, it is not only the rich and famous who can afford these splendid little glass palaces. You first need to decide on the purpose of the orangery, a wonderfully snug room for the Jacuzzi or perhaps a conservatory to enjoy the sun in Winter and Summer. You could have a small summer house or an art studio with an amazing amount of natural light. What ever you would like we can create for you with our specialist designers and highly trained staff.

In New Brighton, orangeries can be designed to your own specifications and erected in any size you choose. You may need a slightly larger area for a guest suite or just a little nook with abundant sunshine to keep you warm. No installation is too large or too small. We will send our professional surveyors to offer you a free quotation and our fully trained staff can off you all kinds of advice to help you make the perfect choice. This will not cost you an arm and a leg either. Our prices are extremely reasonable and affordable and the extra space will add considerably to the value of your home.

Orangeries in New Brighton are a cost effective way of improving your home. We supply the glass and bevels, leadwork and wooden frames and doors and of course, windows. Our installation team is highly skilled and work to the highest standards. We will make sure that the erection of your new orangery will be quick and stress-free. Your new room will have your own unique signature as your input in the design will show your flair and style and be forever your very own snug room, whatever the purpose. You will never regret this stylish addition to your home. Contact Ultra Seal for more information about orangeries.