bi-fold doors in HoylakeIf you’re planning to install bi-fold doors in Hoylake, make sure you select the best product available at well-established companies like Ultra-Seal. Known variously as folding doors, sliding doors, glass sliding doors or sliding room dividers, bi-fold doors are essentially a set of connected door-panels that slide open and can be folded and stacked neatly at the end of the wall. Bi-fold doors are very handy for use in demarcating different areas – for instance connecting an indoor and outdoor area. They are used at the entrance of garden areas or conservatory areas, patios and they’re great space-savers. Generally they have two or more panels that can be folded on connecting hinges into a concertina shape that is extremely useful when you’re short of space. The structure slides on a set of rollers on top or bottom.

In Hoylake, bi-fold doors are available with leading manufacturers, retailers, interior design specialists, etc who can also advise you about the right kind of product to choose. Another great advantage of bi-fold doors is that you can control the size of the opening by unfolding only the number of panels you want. In colder seasons, you can open just one panel, for entering and exiting, while in summer, you can unfold the entire structure to keep the room fresh and cool. This is one of the primary reasons why people install bi-fold doors – they offer a great view of your garden/lawn from inside your house, especially when they consist of large aluminum frames supporting clear glass panels. Bi-fold doors are also a great option for wardrobes, wash-room entrances etc especially when you have a smaller room. They provide the illusion of space, while taking up very little space themselves, offer safety and security, functionality and good looks.

Bi-fold doors in Hoylake are available in a variety of materials like composite, wood, PVC and metal and a range of designs. Molded designs, louvres, glass inset, chrome or brass trims, different types of wood finish and colors are some of the options available. You can select the right one based on your needs, budget, taste and space parameters. For more information regarding bi-fold doors, contact Ultra-Seal.