composite doors in GreasbyImprove the curb appeal of your home with composite doors in Greasby by Ultra-Seal. Our reputation for quality and style is well known. Choosing just one door from the myriad of styles is difficult. If you like a woodgrain effect, Ultra-Seal offers realistically crafted doors in mahogany, rosewood and light oak finish. You will never have to sand them down and refinish them because they will never crack or peel. The doors also come in various shades of white, which is beautiful as is or paint it any colour that pleases you. Or, choose one look for inside and another for the outside. Some doors are raised panel and others have a trim inverted panel design. All the doors are low maintenance. To clean, simply wipe them down with mild soap and water.

In Greasby, composite doors made by Ultra-Seal can be combined with windows and/or side panels that are absolute works of art. Stained glass, bevelled, etched designs, leaded and silver grill. When you see our brochure of choices, you will move from choosing a front door to making a dramatic statement. Guests will be impressed, no matter what style you decide on. You can depend on Ultra-Seal doors for strength and durability as well as beauty. Since 1995, Ultra Seal has been manufacturing superior quality doors according to building regulations. The doors look good while keeping you safe.

Composite doors in Greasby are doors with PVCu skins pressure bonded to polystyrene. It contains a fire retardant additive and the adhesive is heat and moisture resistant. There is no warping. The combination creates a door that is fire retardant and offers superior security. Ultra-Seal is BSI registered so you know we never skimp on quality. After you have chosen a front door that will be the envy of the neighbourhood, add even more safety and security to your home. Ultra-Seal makes beautiful composite doors suitable for use as side and back door. You can also get conservatory panels. We build our doors to resist the elements. A little soap and water and an occasional strategic shot of WD-40 will keep your door looking new and working perfectly for years. Contact Ultra-Seal for more information about composite doors.