Door Specialists in WirralWhen you are searching for door specialists in Wirral, do not forget to check Ultra-Seal. As an established company for over 15 years, we know that your front door is the focal point and the rest of your doors need to be strong and secured enough to protect the people in your house. Whether you are renovating your house or you are installing new doors in a new home, we would be glad to help you design and choose the type of doors that are not just aesthetically pleasing but they are also robust and long-lasting and will protect you from the harsh winter weather.

Ultra-Seal is known for their large range of beautiful doors. In Wirral, the door specialists will help you in making the right choice. You will find that we can provide you with timber doors or doors with glass designs. However, if you are interested, we are also able to provide you with PVCU doors in various colours such as rosewood, oak, mahogany or white. To ensure  our customers feel safe behind our doors, we only use police-approved locking systems that only enhance security at home. Our doors do not just provide a high degree of security but they also provide thermal efficiency. The glass that is used on the doors is toughened. We have total control over the quality of products that we manufacture and since we manufacture them ourselves, we are able to provide bespoke designs and all our products are made and tested to British Standards. As a result, we have received numerous accreditations and awards. Apart from being an ISO 9001 accredited company, we give our customers a 15-year Ultra-Seal guarantee and a 10-year insurance backed cover. Once you have made your purchases, one of our teams of installers will install the products in a professional manner.

To have an idea about the types of products our door specialists in Wirral can produce, do have a look at our brochures. You can also contact Ultra-Seal for more information about the services the door specialists provide. Our designs range from Victorian, Jacobean and Edwardian. Once you have a look at the brochures, it’s impossible not to find something you like.