Bi-Fold Doors in FrankbyWe at Ultra-Seal are always seeking new solutions and we think bi-fold doors in Frankby is a product that would interest many homeowners. While bi-fold doors are nothing new, the particular brand we install has special qualities that set them apart. If you have ever had an aluminium sliding glass door, you know the aluminium is cold even on the inside. Cold will radiate off of it on a cold day. At Ultra-Seal we install doors, windows, gutters and solariums. We use the finest materials to manufacture our own products and secure others from respected manufacturers. We focus on energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance good looks.

At Ultra-Seal we are having great success with an aluminium folding sliding door system manufactured by Synsea right here in the UK.  In Frankby, bi-fold doors made with this product is called WarmCore and referred to as “warm aluminum”. There is a hidden thermal core built into the door frame that not only keeps the cold away but is about 25% more energy efficient than the old cold and drafty aluminum doors. They will make a great replacement for your tired old heavy slider or the french doors that need painting again. This door can be configured with up to 7 openings that easily glide along tracks. Choose from many styles and colours that are available.

Imagine such beautiful bi-fold doors in Frankby that are not draughty, save energy and last for many years to come. Use them to bring the outdoors in when open and enjoy the outdoors no matter how cold it gets outside. Our well respected company has installed a lot of doors and windows. We know a good new product when we see it and “warm aluminium” will change the way bi-fold doors are manufactured. They have to be professionally installed so contact Ultra-Seal before the weather turns and we will give you an honest and competitive quote for bi-fold doors. Aluminum Bi-fold doors from Synsea are weather resistant and solid but come with a locking system that offers high security.