Sliding Sash Windows in HoylakeSliding sash windows in Hoylake are and have been the most commonly used in England with some still in existence that date back to the mid-1600’s. They were traditional to Georgian and Victorian homes. The frame of the sash windows may hold multiple panes of glass divided by wood in equal rows, top and bottom. Sliding sash windows may slide up and down or side to side. Originally, the windows were single hung which means only the bottom would slide up and down and most manufactured today are double hung; both panels go up and down. Usually they were constructed of softwood and then vinyl clad softwood. Today, Ultra-Seal manufactures and installs UPVC windows that have the traditional sash window style but are maintenance free and energy efficient.

The popular sliding sash window design combined with Ultra-Seal quality materials and workmanship will enhance the appearance and functionality of your home. Compared to an old wooden, single pane window in Hoylake, sliding sash windows clearly stand out as superior in substance and aesthetics. The tip-tilt design for easy cleaning is a major selling feature of modern sash windows. But really, that is just an add-on feature. White is the most popular colour but other colours are available. The colour will never fade, the frames will never rot and the thermal seal will hold warmth in and dirt and noise out. The window locks we install with our windows are police approved. You can no longer count on a stuck or painted shut window for protection. Nor should you ever have done so.

Ultra-Seal has become the leader in window manufacturing in Wirral, including sliding sash windows in Hoylake. Since our establishment in 1998 we have spread out to three locations. Our products meet British Standards and beyond, which is why we are comfortable providing a 15 year company guarantee and a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. Contact Ultra-Seal today for more information about our available sliding sash windows. Our company is 45 strong so we don’t need outside salesmen or installers. We control it all from design to installation with personalised customer service.