Conservatories in HoylakeIf you’ve been considering various designs of conservatories in Hoylake, Ultra-Seal can help you with your questions. We’ve been in business since 1998 and we now have three sites where our customers can conveniently examine our products and workmanship; Wallasey, Bromborough and Burton. Our Wallasey site also is the location of our factory. We manufacture our windows and conservatories we build and install from fine quality UPVC framework and double glazed A rated windows. We want you to compare our products to others you may be considering. A conservatories is an extension of your home and you have to decide if it’s going to express the same quality of construction as your home or look like an afterthought.

Once your conservatory is built, it’s there to stay as long as your house so the quality and longevity must be built in at the beginning. For our customers in Hoylake, conservatories built by our team meet or exceed British Standards and we’re proud to say our company has been recognised by our industry with many accreditations and awards. You may have a specific design in mind for your conservatory and that’s great. We have designers on staff that can help you turn your idea into a blueprint for our builders. If you have no idea at all what would look best, that’s not a problem either. We have many examples of designs and some are on display in our showrooms. You can select one and then adjust it to suit.

Ultra-Seal’s conservatories in Hoylake come in all shapes and sizes serve a variety of functions. You may want all windows and doors to indulge your love of plants all year long. A conservatory with quarter or third height walls and the rest glass can be used year round by putting heat in the floor and running electrical through the insulated walls. In order to insure your conservatory is as secure as the rest of your home, we use police approved locking devices. Contact Ultra-Seal for a free estimate. We have 7 teams of installers to get your project completed efficiently and expertly.  Just to back it all up we offer a 15 year guarantee along with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.