Double Glazed Sash Windows in UptonReplace your old, inefficient windows with brand new double glazed sash windows in Upton. At Ultra-Seal, we can partner you in this by providing a comprehensive selection of window, door and conservatory products. As a building owner, you can appreciate the fact that new windows improve energy efficiency, reduce leakage of temperature-controlled air and prevent the entry of outside air/moisture and also give your building an instant makeover. New windows and also boost your property values, keep occupants and property inside safe from intruders and give you the privacy you need.

We provide a life-time warranty on all our windows and installations, with superb after-sales services to suit your needs, preferences and budget. In Upton, glazed sash windows are among the most popular variety, second only to the perennial favourite, the casement window design. Sash windows are characteristic of heritage buildings of the Victorian era but they can add elegance and charm to any style of building. Ultra-Seal uses state-of-the-art technology and materials to manufacture our own patented products, frames and glass at our own premises. This means that we maintain total control over the production, quality and price of these products. It allows us to supply modern, stylish, maintenance-free windows to our clients across the Wirral region and beyond.

Glazed sash windows in Upton provide a high level of security since they can be opened only via single panels. Unlike casement windows, they don’t offer a large gap for intruders to enter. Sash windows make it easier to incorporate child safety and other locking devices. For more details about our double glazed sash windows, contact Ultra-Seal. Our UPVc sash windows are completely maintenance free and all they need is a quick wipe with a damp cloth to keep them looking fresh and new. Double glazing helps to make them highly energy efficient. Our products are durable and can withstand extremes of weather. Unlike wood, UPVC doesn’t warp, crack or lose shape. You can select the colours and designs from our catalogue. Insulation and sound prevention are other great features that make these products a big hit with home and commercial building owners.