UPVC Replacement Windows in New Brighton There are so many reasons to choose UPVC replacement windows in New Brighton by Ultra-Seal. Perhaps you’ve spent years maintaining wood or even aluminium windows. Maybe what you have is the common wood windows with the combination storm window and screens. The wood has warped over time so there is always a window or two that needs reworking so it can be raised and lowered. That usually means scraping paint on the inside and repainting so the window is clean. The elements take a toll on aluminium storm windows and screens. They bend out of shape and the tracks get pitted so the frame won’t slide up and down.

Think about this; if there was a fire in your home, could your kids even get a window open to escape through it?  In New Brighton, UPVC replacement windows slide up and down easily. In case you’ve forgotten, windows serve as protection from intruders. Can you even lock your old windows? Our UPVC replacement windows do more than give your home or commercial building a face lift and increase your property values; although there is that. They also help protect you. Our UPVC windows even save you money on energy. They fit tight and seal out the dirt and noise from the street. Our windows never have to be painted, but they don’t fade, warp or peel.

To maintain UPVC replacement windows in New Brighton, you need only rinse or wipe the dirt off from time to time. That’s it for the next 20 years at least. However, there is UPVC and then there is the high quality UPVC we use for our windows. It’s very high grade as is the glazing. Our installers work to the highest standards through measuring to installation. Nothing is going to loosen up and air and moisture will not find its way through. The window furniture adds a beautiful and practical touch and the Yale locking systems are police approved. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for your free quote for new windows and installation. All of our work and materials are backed by a ten-year warranty.