Bi Fold Doors in MoretonYou may have thought that aluminium Bi Fold doors in Moreton meant you had to sacrifice energy efficiency for style. That used to be true but it’s not anymore. At Ultra-Seal, we are dedicated to window and door products that are beautiful and energy-efficient. We promote materials that are durable and low maintenance. For our aluminium bi fold doors, we choose Warm Core products. Their aluminium bi fold doors have a warm core that increases thermal efficiency 25% over traditional aluminium standard products. Therefore, this is a product we proudly promote. Our UPVC double glazed windows and doors are popular. They meet British Profile and British Standards for energy efficiency. However, we choose WarmCore for our customers that prefer the sleek style of aluminium.

WarmCore aluminium bi fold doors are manufactured by Synseal with the innovative orange core that allows a warm aluminium product. In Moreton, bi fold doors have gained in popularity. They are space-saving and open up a room in your home to natural lighting without sacrificing energy efficiency or warmth. Aluminium doors used to actually conduct the cold. They were always cold to the touch. We all liked them because they were lighter weight than heavy wood and they had a lower profile. They still do but now they’re warm and these bi fold doors have the added benefit of greater durability and weather resistance. The stylish framework can even be used as interior as well as exterior doors.

Aluminium bi fold doors in Moreton installed by our team will have the tough structural integrity you want for your home. Police approved locking systems provide the security you want from any door. We only work with superior quality materials to manufacture and install custom fit windows and doors in your home. Our materials and workmanship are fully guaranteed as is your customer satisfaction. Contact Ultra-Seal for a free quote on bi fold doors for your home. Their aesthetically appealing design and Warm Core energy efficiency will meet your demands on all levels. Yet, you’ll find them a practical choice for creating more open space with low maintenance and durability.