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Want to add value to your home, improve its aesthetic appeal, and create extra space for you to enjoy with family and friends? Then look no further than our range of stylish conservatories from Ultra-Seal.

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Our Reviews

Check out why so many of our customers come to us via recommendations from other customers! 

Nicolas Povall
Nicolas Povall★★★★★
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Needed to replace one of my double glazed window units as while stimming my front yard a stone let rip and smashed the outer layer window, was incredibly impressed by the service here the staff here are incredibly helpful and were only to willing to help me to get a window sorted asap, the fact you could see they were also incredibly busy and still be able to squeeze me in was amazing.
Mark Gardiner
Mark Gardiner★★★★★
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We had Ultra-Seal replace most the windows and the front door of our old house and have recently had them in to replace the large kitchen windows in our new house. Excellent service and price. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again - top service
Joanna “JoPem” Pemberton
Joanna “JoPem” Pemberton★★★★★
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Just had our bathroom window replaced. Matthew and Alan were professional, tidy and efficient. We will be using Ultra-Seal for the rest of our home. Many thanks Rob & Rev Jo Pemberton Capenhurst
Richie Brislen
Richie Brislen★★★★★
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Great service, price is competitive and prompt. Ultra-Seal have now installed a new porch and windows on the front of the house, following last year's installations at the back. Excellent job again! I might also add that after 9 and a half year the front door became faulty (10 year guarantee) and was changed for a complete new one with out any hassle. Will always use Ultra-Seal...there fitting crew were excellent throughout.
Valerie Hilton
Valerie Hilton★★★★★
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Just had 6 new windows fitted and they look fabulous. From start to finish was a great experience from Stuart to Mark to the fitting by Darren and Allen who were fantastic workers, polite, obliging and very professional. They left the house spotless. Many Thanks Ultra-Seal.

Conservatories at Ultra-Seal

Add Value

Extensions are costly, but conservatories aren’t nearly as expensive, and yet they still add value to your home thanks to the additional space. When installed by experts, like members of our Ultra-Seal team, your perfectly designed conservatory will impress any future buyers should you come to sell.

Designed For You

We take offering a bespoke service incredibly seriously here at Ultra-Seal. Yes, we’re a home improvements and conservatories Wirral based company, but we don’t want all of our conservatories to look exactly the same. That’s why we offer so many design options and put you in charge of picking the perfect one for you.

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

The single best part of any conservatory is their seamless ability to bring the outdoors in. They act as an extension of both your indoors and outdoors, blending the two to create a stunning garden room that you can enjoy no matter the weather.

Durable & Robust

All of our Ultra-Seal conservatories are designed with longevity in mind. We want our conservatories to last just as much as you do, and that’s why we use only premium materials that have a proven track record over the years. When you install a conservatory with us, you can be confident that they’re built to last.

Designed To Be Secure

Security is a concern for anybody installing a conservatory, which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure all of the windows and doors are secure by design. You can be rest assured that we only use police-approved locking systems, and all of our fittings are tight and sealed, offering supreme security.

Let The Light In

Of course, we couldn’t not mention the obvious: conservatories allow so much daylight into your home that they instantly transform the space, helping you relax and unwind in a room that’s flooded with natural light, as well as having a positive impact on your electricity use.

Conservatories Wirral - FAQs

Our most commonly asked questions about our Wirral Conservatories are answered below.

Our conservatories come in a range of styles, ranging from traditional and timeless, to modern and bold, so you’re sure to find the perfect conservatory for you at Ultra-Seal. We’d recommend reflecting the style of your home, if possible, so if you live in an older home with period features, a Georgian & Edwardian or Victorian conservatory may be best. If you live in a modern build, then a clean Lean-to, or statement Orangery may be best for you. But then again, maybe you’re the kind of homeowner to buck tradition and mix and match styles to suit you…

Check out our range of styles today, and then get a free quote from us.

That depends on what you want to use your conservatory for. As an extra space to enjoy your garden, a smaller room would work best, so you’re not imposing on the garden you want to enjoy too much. But then, we aren’t all green-thumbs, and perhaps a larger conservatory or orangery might be best for those who want to enjoy natural light, without being in their garden. 

Talk to our friendly customer service team today – they’ll be happy to discuss potential designs with you!

That depends on a few things like your conservatory size and location, and your home right now. If it’s a listed building, then you’ll almost certainly need planning permission. If it isn’t, and your conservatory follows the rules and regulations of ‘Permitted Development’ then you will usually to be safe to proceed without planning permission. 

It’s always best to check with your installer first, so contact Ultra-Seal today if you’re unsure.

Absolutely! Especially conservatories by Ultra-Seal, because security is always at the top of our list. With secure fittings, police-approved locking systems, and expertly crafted conservatories, you can be sure that our conservatories are secure.

Most conservatories will last for 25 years+, but it all depends on the material used and how well looked after your conservatory is over the course of its life. With the right material and care and maintenance routine, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last for decades to come.

No way! As with all trends, conservatories have been in and out of fashion over the years, but we here at Ultra-Seal believe we’re at the turn of yet another conservatory boom. 

They’re much cheaper to install than a full extension, and yet they still provide you with valuable extra space. Add on to that their natural light and the ability it gives you to sit back and truly enjoy nature, and we think conservatories are an excellent, modern addition to your home.

How much each of our conservatories cost depends on the size, materials, design, and difficulty/ease of the installation itself. That is to say, we can’t give you an accurate pricing until we know the full scope of your conservatory project. 

To find out more, contact us today with details about your ideal Wirral conservatory, and we’ll get a free, no-obligation quote over to you before you know it! 

Trust Ultra-Seal to provide you with the best Wirral conservatory deals.

Georgian & Edwardian

Georgian & Edwardian inspired conservatories have a high roof style to make your conservatory feel that much bigger. Because of its taller roof, these conservatory styles tend to allow more light to flood in, making it a stunning place to sit as the sun rises and sets. Combining practicality and style, a Georgian & Edwardian conservatory is perfect for those wanting a more classic style conservatory, with modern security and thermal efficiency elements.

Available in a range of colours.


Victorian style conservatories make use of a timeless design with a 3 or 5 panel faceted end to create its unique shape. The faceted end gives you wonderful all-round views of your garden, so if you’re a proud green-thumbed homeowner, then this is the perfect conservatory for you. With such an elegant design, you make the switch from inside to outside as seamless as possible, and a Victorian conservatory is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the view, no matter the season. 

Available in a range of colours.


Gable conservatories make use of the traditional gable roof design, with two sloping roofs ending in a vertical gable end, reflecting the classic roof design of many UK homes. By reflecting the style of your home, you really set your conservatory up as an extension of your main building, making it look as though it has always been there. This stunning design allows for plenty of roof space, making the whole room feel light and airy. 

Available in a range of colours.


Lean-to conservatories have, over the years, developed an unwarranted reputation as being a bit old-fashioned. But as with all trends, nothing ever truly goes out of style, and Lean-to conservatories are a prime example of that. Nowadays, their simple design with clean, straight lines are seen as incredibly modern. Their sloping roof from the main building offers wonderful drainage when raining, and plenty of light when it’s sunny – hence their nickname – sun rooms. 

Available in a range of colours.


P-shaped conservatories are something of an umbrella term for any custom conservatory you can dream of. P, T, and U-shaped conservatories are all common designs when clients wish to combine multiple conservatory types to provide a larger space with more light and comfort. Fancy connecting a Lean-to to a Georgian & Edwardian conservatory? With Ultra-Seal, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your dream conservatory! 

Available in a range of colours.


Orangeries are essentially modern conservatories, designed however you please, with only the most premium materials, meaning that the scope for your specific project is essentially limitless. Because you can design your orangery to suit you, you’re in charge of the room’s function. Orangeries feel more like an additional room in your home, than an extension. Full of light and designed to be aesthetically appealing from inside and out, an orangery could be perfect for your home. 

Available in a range of colours.

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