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Protect your roofline, upgrade your home’s appeal, and increase the energy efficiency of your home with upgraded UPVC fascias and soffits on the Wirral. Work with Ultra-Seal today and improve your home in more ways than one!

What is a Fascia?

A fascia or fascia board is the structure on your roofline that typically supports the guttering and is designed to protect your roof from harsh weather conditions. The fascia sits directly under the edge of your roof and faces forward, stopping your roofline from being exposed to the weather.

What is a Soffit?

A soffit is part of the same structure on your roofline as a fascia, but rather than facing forward, a fascia sits perpendicular to the fascia (essentially acting as the bottom of the protective structure on your roofline). Whilst similar, they do serve different purposes, and a soffit is mostly designed to sit under the overhang of your roof to protect your interior and it can also include vents if airflow is a problem in your home.

Why bother upgrading Fascias and Soffits on the Wirral?

Most homeowners won’t ever think about fascias and soffits. Many of you won’t have even realised what they are before discovering this page! But they play an integral part in keeping your home secure, efficient, and, of course, stylish. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for upgrading your fascias and soffits: 

Protect Your Roofline

Both fascias and soffits play an important role in protecting the inside of your home from the weather outside. Without them, your roofline would be exposed and structural damage could occur. If you ever notice damage to your fascias and soffits, you should replace them as soon as possible to protect your home.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Homeowners will look to windows and doors when their heating bills go up and their comfort goes down. But damaged or old fascias and soffits could be the culprit. When you upgrade your fascias and soffits you ought to notice a more energy-efficient home because your roof is no longer exposed to the elements and acting like a sieve for heat.

Enjoy Lower Maintenance

The chances are you aren’t climbing ladders to check the state of your fascias and soffits every now and then, but when you upgrade them with Ultra-Seal you won’t even need to. We use the latest UPVC designs to ensure they won’t rot or warp, so you can enjoy their clean finish maintenance-free for years!

Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Fascias and soffits serve another purpose, too. Whilst they’re structurally integral to your property in terms of the protection they offer, they’re also just nice to look at. A home with new fascias and soffits looks good, increasing its kerb appeal and potentially increasing your home’s value should you come to sell…

Cost-Effective Home Improvement

Home improvements are things we all have to undertake from time to time to improve the look, efficiency, and security of our homes, but of all the home improvements you can make, upgrading to UPVC fascias and soffits is probably the most cost-effective, and you’ll see instant results, too.

How Ultra-Seal Can Help

As a trusted company operating on the Wirral and in the surrounding areas, we’ve carried out countless home improvement projects over the years – including fascias and soffits. With durable UPVC materials and designs to suit your home, we can make sure your new fascias and soffits suit your style and perform to the highest degree to keep your home warm and comfortable.

We also pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive prices in the area, so contact us today for a fast and free quote!

Fascias and Soffits Wirral FAQs

Our most commonly asked questions about fascias and soffits are answered below:

It’s certainly possible, but not recommended. By upgrading your fascias and soffits at the same time, you ensure that they’ll last for the same amount of time, too. With durable UPVC fascias and soffits from Ultra-Seal, replacing both at the same time just makes sense.

Most fascias and soffits will last between 20 and 40 years, but Ultra-Seal’s UPVC fascias and soffits are designed to last even longer – potentially for a lifetime or longer!

It truly depends on how large your property and roofline are, because this will determine how large your fascias and soffits are. When you contact us for a free quote we’ll be able to put together an accurate quote for the work, with no obligation. Don’t like the price? No hard feelings! So why not contact Ultra-Seal today?

Our Reviews

Check out why so many of our customers come to us via recommendations from other customers! 

Nicolas Povall
Nicolas Povall★★★★★
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Needed to replace one of my double glazed window units as while stimming my front yard a stone let rip and smashed the outer layer window, was incredibly impressed by the service here the staff here are incredibly helpful and were only to willing to help me to get a window sorted asap, the fact you could see they were also incredibly busy and still be able to squeeze me in was amazing.
Mark Gardiner
Mark Gardiner★★★★★
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We had Ultra-Seal replace most the windows and the front door of our old house and have recently had them in to replace the large kitchen windows in our new house. Excellent service and price. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again - top service
Joanna “JoPem” Pemberton
Joanna “JoPem” Pemberton★★★★★
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Just had our bathroom window replaced. Matthew and Alan were professional, tidy and efficient. We will be using Ultra-Seal for the rest of our home. Many thanks Rob & Rev Jo Pemberton Capenhurst
Richie Brislen
Richie Brislen★★★★★
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Great service, price is competitive and prompt. Ultra-Seal have now installed a new porch and windows on the front of the house, following last year's installations at the back. Excellent job again! I might also add that after 9 and a half year the front door became faulty (10 year guarantee) and was changed for a complete new one with out any hassle. Will always use Ultra-Seal...there fitting crew were excellent throughout.
Valerie Hilton
Valerie Hilton★★★★★
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Just had 6 new windows fitted and they look fabulous. From start to finish was a great experience from Stuart to Mark to the fitting by Darren and Allen who were fantastic workers, polite, obliging and very professional. They left the house spotless. Many Thanks Ultra-Seal.

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